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    Growing up my parents often taught me alot of valuable things that they wanted me to learn , even as I grew older some

    of the things that they had taught me are still a big part of my life today.

    This is why it is very important as a guardian or a parent to teach these values as they will help boost and promote our

    children to grow up and be better people, of course it is also mandatory for us to show our children how to read which is

    also important. However there are somethings that have to be taught specifically by us as services such as schools may

    not do it adequately.

    The Seven Things Children Should Know

    As kids get to grow up it is our responsibility to shoe them how they should grow because we are their first teachers that

    they ever meet, that being said we have to set a good example for them in order for them to be aspire to become better


    Here are seven things that you might want to show them as they grow up, of course they might be somethings I might

    have missed but this list will sort of give you a few ideas on the kinds of things you need to impart in them.


    1. Children Should Learn To Be Self Confident

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    Being confident in your ability is a very important tool to have if you want to be successful in whatever you are doing,

    this is why as their guardians we must try by all means to make sure that we show them how to become more self

    confident at a very young age.

    Showing them this at a very small age will allow them to build on this as they grow older making them more likely to be

    successful in the things that they do, this will also translate into the school work they do as well as in the decisions they


    Confidence can also bring about self motivation which will enable them to peruse whatever they would want to without

    having any doubts or even feeling the need to give up easily on whatever they are doing, that being said always make

    sure that you give them enough credit in everything they are participating be it in a school play , test , sports and any

    other events. Always let them know that you will always be there to support them and even if they don’t perform that

    great try to encourage them as much as possible this really helps in a boost in confidence.

    This small boost in confidence will make your child believe in themselves more and make them thrive to be the best they

    can be.

    2. Children Should Learn The Value Of Hard Work

    Another very important thing that kids need to know as they grow is learning the importance of working hard, hard work

    is the key that opens doors to many opportunities in life and is usually the difference between the people that make it

    and those that don’t.

    Teaching them this skill will enable them to learn how to put in alot of effort in whatever it is that they are doing and as it

    has been mentioned earlier parents are a child’s first teacher, that being said it is important that we lead by example it

    can be in terms of the way we stay committed to our work or even the way we show effort in the way we do things at


    Leading by example will definitely make the young ones aspire to work just as hard as their role models do , However it

    is important not to force your them into this but as it may take a while for them to do find the value of it. Forcing them

    into working hard might just cause them to reject the whole thing all together which is not what you want as a guardian ,

    but slowly show them the value that they can gain from it as this will help to drive the point home.

    That being said hard work is a virtual that has to be made part of them, children usually learn by either seeing or hearing

    then repeating making it your responsibility to be the best role model you can be.


    3. Teach Your Children About God

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    I find this point extremely essential because most parents nowhere days might not actually think that it an an impact

    and often tend to underrate it, teaching children how to be God fearing at a young age is something which can impact

    the way the live even as they get older and continue to develop.

    Being a Christian I feel like most of the time we often neglect our children on this point, so it is very important to spend

    time with our children and teach them the word of God. Its just as the Lord said we have to show them the right path in

    which they should grow and one good way to do this as mentioned previously is by leading by example, it is also very

    essential to encourage them to read the bible more frequently in order to enable them to start reading it on there own.

    Reading them fun and adventurous stories from they by will also help them want to explore more about the bible, it is

    very essential to make learning a fun experience as this will make it more memorable for them and also create a

    valuable bond between you and them which does come in handy.

    This bond will make them more free to talk to you about things which they might be going through which will allow you

    to provide the right amount of advice to help stir them in the right direction, however am not here to change your views

    on religion but I believe this point is critical and you can also apply it to your own faith if you like to try.

    Keeping children closer to God will also help them to find there purpose in life sooner which will help them stay out of



    4. Teach Them Hoiw To Be Respectful


    Coming from a background were I was always told to respectful to the elderly when I was young encouraged me to try

    and be more be more at all times, this is why I feel young ones should know to become respectful as they are growing


    Being respectful not only allows you to become more polite like in my case but also affect the way the act even when

    they are out on their own, this also allows them to show and have respect for what the have been given this to is

    something they must learn.

    It also helps children become well behaved and this will lead show humbleness as well as kindness even to people they

    have just meet, humbleness and kindness are traits that have to be taught to them.Showing them these values will help

    them be mindful of what they say to others as well as how   their actions that will affect others.

    One easy and common way of doing this is teaching children how to always say please and thank you every time,

    although it might seem small and not be much as they use it more frequently the more likely they are to adopt these


    Its on parents to provide the right kind of content which will help them grow well this can be either through the make

    sure they watch appropriate tv shows, movies,books or even through the things that they hear. Listening to the

    appropriate things will help them build their character quite alot and methods like these have to be utilized more often.

    The main thing that has to be gotten from this is that we have to be mindful of the information that we make our

    children listen to , in order to make effectively teach them these values you must be able to promote the right kind of

    content which will help develop their character.


    5. Teach Your Children About Honesty

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    When parenting it is always nice to make sure that your child will stay honest to you even when they have done

    something that is wrong, hence making this a more valid reason as to why it should be learnt by children from a young


    Honesty gives young ones the ability to stay true and come clean, however it is important that even as mistakes happen

    which they will try to keep a level head. Most of the time children become dishonest with their parents because of the

    harness they might experience, however this doesn’t mean that you should be soft on the but it means you should be

    able to find a way in which you can handle the situation without them fearing to come clean.

    If they grow up to be dishonest it will be much harder for them to be accountable for there actions which makes it

    harder for them to stay out of trouble, however being accountable for their actions will allow them to stay truthful at all


    Keeping them truthful from a young age will allow them to stick to it even as they get older.


    6. Kids Must Learn  Patience

    Teaching your child how to become patient might be challenging at first but its just one of those things which you’ll have

    to do as a parent, teaching children how to be patient is very essential.

    This allows children to be content with what the have and learn that good things come to those who wait, however one

    thing to note is that patience comes with time and practise which is ironic because teaching it requires you to have it so

    you’ll have to display patience as well.

    If this is learnt it will help them stay calm and content even when things are not going the way they would like them to go

    which is very good as this will prevent them from making decisions that the would regret, helping them learn this trait

    would be a good way to go.

    Another thing to add is that having patience also brings about gratitude making your child less envious of what others

    may have, which can really go a long way when trying to model your child to become a better person.


    7.  Teaching The Importance Of Family

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    Lastly showing them how to acknowledge the importance of family I think is on of the most valuable things that parents

    should be able to educate their children on, as their guardians we should be able to always show them the much needed

    love and support.

    Showing them them an adequate amount of love and care will help them realize just how essential family actually is, this

    is why it is very useful and a good practise to set aside a particular day in the week in which you spend some quality time

    as a family.

    This quality time can be used to build a bond between the parents and the children, you can spend it by either going on

    a family trip or even by playing fun and interactive games in which everyone has to participate.

    If this is done more frequently this will not only increase the strength of the bond between the you and your young ones

    but also strength the bond they have as siblings which can be very vital when ensuring that all members stay in contact

    even as they get older, these activities help to make siblings look out for each other.


    In ending this post the key things to note are that showing your child valuable morals does in fact enable them to

    become much better people in society, however these morals have to be taught and it is up to us as the elderly people in

    their lives to help in part these values.

    Imparting these things does take sometime to do but with the right amount of effort you will be able to add more value

    to in their lives, using the appropriate resources is very important as children are easily impacted by what they see or


    Leading by example is one of the key things you might need in order to achieve this because the way you do things now

    will determine whether your child will be aspire to be more like you, remember you are the child's first teacher so they

    will want to learn most of the things from you so just try your best to be the best role model you can.

    In teaching there is patience so make sure not to pressure your child into these things but rather try to build a bond with

    them , this bond will make it easier for you to show them the value of having such traits.

    As always don’t try to be a perfectionist but just try your best to help your child be the best version of them they can be.




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