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    The growth of Uterine fibroid has become a largely common concern amongst women today, when women are going through such a condition it forces them to go through both physical and emotional stress. The other names that are associated with it are fibroid tumors, leiomyomas or myomas, these growths are noncancerous in most cases which means they rarely pose a threat to our health cancer wise.Just as the name suggests these tumors are located within the confines of the uterus and therefore have the same muscle tissue but, these tumors tend to harden with time due to them containing a higher levels of estrogen as compared to its surroundings.

    These tumors might be very small in size making them even harder to notice during an internal examination however, some of them tend to grow large enough to make a noticeable bulge in your stomach.

    Why do they grow in the Uterus ?.  

    Some of the reasons as to why they tend to grow in the Uterus is because,the it creates a perfect environment for these cells to reproduce and grow rapidly due to the fact that there is enough space to do so.Another thing to note is that a combination of factors such as hormonal fluctuations, a good supply of menstrual blood as well as the thick walls collectively form a more friendly environment that promotes the growth and development of these tissues.

    There are various things that may contribute to the growth of these tissues, these factors could either be genetic or might just be caused by things such as unhealthy practices which will be explained later on.

    It is therefore very important to know the symptoms and causes of these kinds of growth as it will help you to treat this issue a little bit easier, when it comes to such conditions the faster you can spot them the easier they become to treat and hopefully by the end of this informative post you’ll be able to do just that.

    Types of Uterine Fibroids 

      There various kinds of variations when it comes to these kinds of tissues and here are some of them below


    The Intramural fibroid grows exactly on the walls of the Uterus.It displays the Characteristics and symptoms of both Subserous and Submusocal Fibroids


    This kind of fibroid can be found deep inside the Uterus.In most cases the solution for getting rid of this fibroid is through surgery and it often causes alot of pain and excessive bleeding which can lead to hemorrhage.


    These are usually attached to the Uterine walls by a stalk like growth which is called the peduncle.They don't usually display any symptoms, but can be felt during internal examinations.


    Lastly this type is the most common kind of fibroid,It develops on the outer walls of the Uterus and tends to grow bigger and become more painful during menstruation.

    picture gotten from harvard health


    What are the symptoms of this growth ?

    The very first step that is taken when trying to treat any disease is to try and have a full understanding of its symptoms,in this case it imperative to know they symptoms as they can help us stop the development of the fibroid preventing the risks of it becoming harmful to your well being.

    As mentioned earlier the growth of these tissues is only easily noticed as they grow larger in size or increase in number within the uterus, as this happens they tend to become more problematic causing the person to be in a lot of discomfort.

    The good thing is that the body will start to show some clues that can help us easily identify the problem however, the symptoms tend to be painful therefore causing a lot of stress.

    Here are some of these symptoms

    Infertility and Other Pregnancy related problems

    Infertility is also a large problem that affects many women today as it forces women to go through emotional stress, the growth of these tissues is one of the main causes of infertility in women. As the number of tumors increases within the uterus it makes it even harder for the sperms to reach the egg, due to the fact that the tumors compress the Fallopian tube which may prevent fertilization from occurring.If the fertilization process was able to be complete the egg would still not be able to attach itself safely, because of the rise in the levels of estrogen and progesterone within the body during pregnancy.The increase in the hormonal levels further increases the chances of developing, leading to even more pain and discomfort.


    As mentioned earlier myomas fibroid tissue can grow very large, if they grow large enough they can start to press against the muscles of the lower back therefore causing pain in both the back as well as the legs.Another thing is that our system will recognize these myomas as foreign bodies and will try its best to get rid of them, it is because of that severe cramps can occur.Sometimes the stalk like growth that the tumor attaches itself to might twirl, this small adjustment will cause severe pain around the pelvic area.Other things such as a profound feeling of discomfort during intercourse can also be due to the growth of the tumor in that area,lastly as the growth begins to deteriorate due to insufficient blood circulation it can cause a terrible experience.


    Experiencing Bleeding is one of the most common symptoms of fibroid growth.As the tissues grow within the uterus they can cause uterine congestion which can lead to the disruption of regular menstrual flow, this disruption cause blood to flow heavily when released.Other things such as extensive bleeding, spotting, bleeding in between menstrual cycles and heavy spotting can also be experienced due to the increase in size of the myomas.Occasionally the bleeding can be very painful and if left unchecked and untreated for a long period of time may cause anemia in some cases.

    Hormonal Imbalances  

    Most if the time people mainly forget about how much control hormones have on our daily activities and more often, only look for noticeable differences on the body itself. An increase in size of these fibroid can also lead to the increase in the levels of estrogen and progesterone causing hormonal imbalance, an imbalance in hormones can cause things like mood swings,weight gain,hair loss,dry skin and even stress to mention but a few.If you are constantly experiencing emotional upheavals, it might be a clear indication by your body that there is a presences of these fibroid.


    As the growth becomes larger in size they tend to put more pressure on the urinary bladder which may cause a person to feel the urge to urinate more often than the usually did, which at times can be very troublesome and problematic.Another thing to take note of is that the these things start to increase in size the also exert pressure on both the abdomen and the uterus, which means its more likely for them to press against the pelvic bones.This can lead to a rapid decline in the passing of urine in some cases it can further cause a very serious kidney problem.

    What are some of the real causes ?  

     Various factors may cause the growth ,such as hormonal imbalance or even emotional Stress may lead to the disruption of the body's function therefore leaving it vulnerable to diseases.Here is a list of some of the that can cause the growth of Uterine fibroids.

    1.Lack of a Healthy Diet.

      Having a diet that is not rich in various nutrients and minerals may affect the body's immune system, this imbalance in dietary needs may also lead to things like poor digestion as well as hormonal imbalance.A healthy balanced diet is necessary for a woman to have a fit and active life

    2.Toxin Build up 

        Toxin build up may also be a cause of Uterine fibroid,throughout our daily lives we take in these toxins which can be in the food we take in or even in the water we drink.These toxins will then build up within the blood vessels and may cause infertility, hormonal dysfunction which may lead to damage of the Ovaries.All the above factors may lead to a slight drop in progesterone levels which may make a person more likely to have Uterine fibroids.

    3.Weak Immune System

       As noted from the above points, it can be seen that both the build up in toxins as well as the lack of a healthy diet can lead to the lowering of the immunity of the body.Things like stress,inadequate rest and excessive use of various medication lower the Immune system, rendering the body vulnerable to various conditions such as the failure to eliminate toxic waste from the body as well as an Imbalance in hormones.Therefore it is important to make sure you keep your Immune System up by maintaining A good health practices such as a balanced diet as well as keeping fit through exercise.


       Lastly hormonal imbalance may lead to the formation of these fibroids, due to the fact that these fibroids are well known for growing vigorously due to hormones like estrogen and progesterone.If such hormones are in excess then it will be much easier for these fibroids to develop like for instance during pregnancy, the fibroid condition may become worse due to the fact that within this period hormones like estrogen are at there highest.

    How to Treat Uterine fibroids Naturally

      Uterine fibroids can easily be treated without surgery, these natural methods have proven to be safe as well as reliable when compared to conventional methods which may seem to have nasty side effects.Below are some Natural methods you can try that can help you treat Uterine fibroids better.

    1. Stress Relief (Activities)

     Stress increases the blood pressure within the body and also increases hormonal activity thus may lead to an Imbalance in hormonal activity,which can then lead to the rapid growth of these fibroids within the Uterus.That is why it is important to participate in activities that will reduce the stress level within our body, one activity that can help in reduction of stress is meditation.Not only does meditation help you gain more focus but it promotes both relaxation of the body as well as promotes mental balance within the mind,meditation also helps your body deal with the complications of Uterine fibroid much better.Another activity that can help in stress relief is exercising, exercising helps in the reduction of stress as well as blood pressure.It also promotes healthier blood circulation and helps to reduce the tension that is within the muscle.This can also relieve the tension within the muscles found in the abdomen which might be caused by menstruation and fibroids.

    2.  Having a Healthy Diet

      Maintaining a healthy diet is one of the most important things when it comes to treating Uterine fibroids, as it will enable you to maintain hormonal imbalance as well as ensure that the digestive system will not be overworked.If a diet that contains a large amount of saturated fats not only will it cause a dysfunctional liver but it will also increase estrogen levels, this increase may cause hormonal Imbalance, it is therefore important to engage in a diet that is high in fiber but low in fat for instance foods like fish,fruits and oats.Having a balanced diet will ensure that your body receives all the nutrients that it needs for sustainable growth.

    3. Using Herbs

       The Use of herbs is one of the most essential things when it comes to the use of Natural methods, herbs help to promote both physical and mental health.Herbal treatment for fibroids is useful as it helps in balancing hormonal activity as well as helps in strengthening the liver making it function more efficiently, herbs also help with regular cramps as well as heavy bleeding.Various herbs may have various functions for instance herbs like the root of a dandelion can be used to improve functions of the liver,whilst herbs like vitex can be used for lowering the levels of estrogen which will help stabilize the hormonal activity.It is also Important that you detox your body regularly to get rid of the toxin that might be harmful to your body ,this is why it is important to drink alot of water because water does help to remove excess toxins as it is a natural detoxing agent.


     It is therefore it is important to note that even as we try to treat these methods using natural remedies, by combing these methods is needed in order for you the most out of them.If this approach is used it not only helps you get rid of the fibroids much easier but it will also strengthen your body, therefore preventing this condition from occurring in the future.Although these methods have proven to work , like any other natural methods a little bit of patience as well as being consistent in application of these methods is needed in order for success to be achieved.

     The Information used in this article is based on a book written by health consultant and nutritionist Amanda Leto.In her book Fibroids Miracle ,she sheds more light on how you can treat Uterine fibroids without medical prescriptions or without surgical procedures, but by natural methods that enhance your fertility as well as improve the quality of your health . 

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