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    Being a stay at home mom means that you’ve got handle majority of the household duties, such as making sure you take care of

    your family and preparing them for the day.Which can be stressful but it does have its alot of positives as well , but in this blog

    post will be looking at the most important aspect which you’re incharge of as a mother.This is coming up with ways to save

    money , since you are incharge of most of the budget we figured that we’d help you out by giving you a few ways you can reduce

    on household expenses.


    Tips On How To Save Money At Home.


    Here are some of the ways that you can cut down on some of the expense you have, leaving you with some extra change to

    spend on something special for yourself and your loved ones.Even better , this money should go towards investing in stocks or

    something beneficial.



    1. Budgeting


    Firstly and must importantly,if you want to be an expert at saving on expenses you have to start budgeting.Doing this will help

    you see why so much money is being spent on various things and help you move forward financially, if you never used to budget

    now is a great time to start.



    2. More DIYS


    Another way to help you spend less , is to increase your participation around the house.Most of the time you get yourself in sticky

    situations that you could easily get out of if you learn a few things.Like for instance , you could learn how to fix a few things

    around the house instead of you paying an extra 100 bucks.So you could learn some diy videos from YouTube or visit a couple of

    blogs on the internet to get you ready , you’ll be able to find more than enough info on everything.



    3. Planning Ahead of Time


    Being a mom , you have to be incharge of planning all the events for your family.These are things such as birthday parties and

    other family trips , so the best way to ensure that you reduce the cost and through a great party is by planning way ahead of

    time.So take the time to plan a few months prior to the events , this will keep the budget low and help you do things more

    effectively as well.I don’t know if you knew this but , by tickets way before you fly is way cheaper.



    4. Try Different Stores


    Most of the time we often prefer going to one store because its closer to us, not knowing that they could be other places that are

    offer better deals on certain items.Making sure that you visit different places whilst you shopping, because you’ll find out that

    you’re actually paying extra for something that’s cheap.



    5. Using Coupons


    This has been one of the most common ways to save, using coupons is definitely a must if you want to become an elite stay at

    home mom.The good thing with the method is that most coupon a free and all you need to do is print them out its that simple, in

    order to get the most out of it you have to collect alot of these coupons.It is worth it though, walking out of a store without paying

    anything feels great.



    6. Cashback offers


    As you may all know, most of the credit cards that we have certain incentives such as cashback offers.A cashback is simply the

    amount of money that is given back to you after you shop , so for instance Koho offers upto 2% cashback on all purchases when

    you use their service. We can utilize this to our benefit by shopping in bulk , this will put you in a better position of getting a larger

    return on your money.Taking advantage of small incentives such as this one will allow you to become much more flexible with

    the way you shop.



    7. Do More Amazon & Ebay For Elections


    Another thing to try you can do to become completely better at spending is cutting down on the cost when buying tech, when

    ever you what to shop for tech its a good thing to try and by it second hand.This is great because the price that you get to pay for

    these devices is actually less than the retail prices because they’ve been used , so places like amazon and ebay are really good

    places to start looking when you want new tech.



    8. Shopping Online


    Having talked about using platforms like Ebay and amazon , you might as well try to do more of your shopping online.

    With multiple platforms out there to choose from its easier to find sales and deals on the items you might be looking for ,

    especially when it comes to clothing which I know you love.However make sure you install apps such as Honey as it will help you

    save even more by added a coupon every time at checkout.



    9. Lifestyle Check


    Often are the times we spend money on things that we don’t need at the time , which can have a huge impact on your account.

    This doesn’t mean that you should pumper yourselves but , just means that you should have some limits.Budgeting will help you

    cut down on this too, so check your lifestyle and see where you can spend better.


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