Most of the time in life if you want to achieve certain goals within a dedicated period of time there are a

    lot of factors  that you’ll need to overcome, these factors include laziness as well as negativity but one

    other huge factor that has to be  dealt with is of course procrastination as it is one of the main causes as

    to why most of us fail to obtain what we want to  achieve in our lives today.


    Well to be honest most of us procrastinate so you don’t have to feel bad about it at all, for you have come

    to the right  place as I will give you a list of tips and some advice which you can use to enable you to

    reduce such a habit.


    Like any  other habit it will require that you stay committed and try as much as possible to follow the tips

    in order to reduce it, you  know what they say; “practise makes perfect”.


    What Is Procrastination & Why Is It Bad ?


    In order for you and I to know how to avoid it we must first fully understand what it means, according to

    the Oxford dictionary it is defined as the action of either postponing or delaying something.This from my

    point of view usually  happens more than you actually think, the main reason why it’s said to be a bad

    habit is because it tends to promote  laziness which leads to being unproductive.


    In the sense that the  more you put things off the less likely you’ll be able to  do them or complete them

    well, some people often say they work better under pressure which is fine but it is also important to try

    and clear as much work as you can quickly without panic.


    Therefore it is imperative that we try to limit the amount of times we procrastinate as this could lead us to

    become more  productive in whatever project or task we are doing,below is the list of some tips and

    strategies that you can try to practise which may eventual help you to become more productive with your


    Tips on How to Avoid Procrastination


    These tips can be applied to whatever area you in which you want to achieve something be it in school,at

    the work place, home or even a small project of your own.


    1. Getting Started Is The Hard Part


    Most if the time we tend to either over or under estimate the duration of a project as well as the level of

    difficulty need  to complete it, this is why a good piece of advice I would give is that you should just hop

    on to the project as soon as you  possibly can as this will help you determine the route you would take in

    tackling the task.


    Most of the people that have achieved their fair share of success over the years usually say that one of

    the most  challenging things that they had faced was getting started, so this just shows that you should

    feel like your the only one  that is going through it even the most successful people pasted through it too

    but its how the overcame it that matters.


    Even just a tiny bit of work can go a long way like trying to map out a strategy on how you would complete

    the task or even forming writing a simple step of ideas will take you a very long way, starting is very

    difficult but as you start it will  give you an open mind and help you think clearly unlike leaving it to the

    last minute.Speaking of the topic is that why a  brand like Nike would come up with a phrase like “Just Do it “?.



    2. Time Management Is Esssential When Overcoming Procrastination



    Another way in which we can avoid procrastinating is by making sure we have a good time management

    skills, as this is a very important tool that can lead you to achieving success.So time management is

    having the ability to allocate a particular amount of time to a given task,this allocation allows you to plan

    adequately for your day giving you the  potential to maximize your productivity as well as increasing your



    This practise will prevent you from pushing things outside your schedule whilst helping you stay active

    and prevent laziness.


    How Do You Mange Your Time ?


    There are Various ways in which you can manage your time well,like you could simply head over to your

    designated mobile/computer app store and download apps that can help you plan your day

    effectively.That’s one way of doing it but there is an alternative is to try and use a small book or even a

    journal would do,simply write down the things that you’d  like to accomplish before the day ends before

    you go to sleep each night which I found very useful.


    In doing this simple task you would be able to keep  track of your day and it will also help you remain

    focused in achieving the goals that  you’re supposed to  complete, this will further allow you to free up

    more time which you can catch up on your favourite show on netflix and a small tip always try to allocate

    a slightly large amount of time to your tasks because some important stuff may come up.Managing your

    time is one of the keys to limiting procrastination.


    2.Staying Off Social Media Increases Productivity



    There are so many things that are happening in the world today and with the aid of social media

    applications such as Facebook,Twitter,Snapchat and Instagram have made the transmitting information

    through to various parts of the world simply, which of course is a good thing but if used in excess can

    cause you to pay your attention to other things apart  from work.


    I know watching cat videos or liking other peoples posts is way better than working, but it is this shift in

    attention that  can cause us to become lazy and make us fail to complete what we ought to do.Being in

    My early 20’s it was hard for me to reduce my usage of such applications, but with some dedication and

    time management I managed to cut down my usage to about 7 hours per week who would have thought ?.


    Although trust me it does take a little bit of time to get used to but staying off social media for a bit

    actually relieves  some pressure of you and also frees up a lot of your time, limiting the amount of

    interactions with your phone can helps you regulate your activity on your phone.Like everything else

    you’ll need to do it more frequently in order to get the right  level of productivity.


    3. Having A Enough Rest Is Important


    In order for you to function more effectively and efficiently, you should make sure you get an adequate

    amount of  sleep.Most of the time people often put off things because they feel the don’t have the energy

    to complete the tasks at  hand, which could be due to improper management of their time.Getting

    enough sleep has proven to increase brain activity as well as boost mental wellness making you think

    much clearer, therefore getting about 7 - 8 hours of sleep can  help you be much more effective in your

    thinking and help you perform better in your tasks.


    4.Working In A Good Environment Boost Productivity



    Having a good working environment is a good way of preventing yourself from pushing work to a later

    date, by a good  working environment I mean having a work space that has little or no distractions that

    can make you lose your focus.


    It is  also important for you to work in areas that are conducive enough such as rooms that are separate

    from either from your living room or TV as this help your mind to only pay attention to what has been put

    in front of it leaving no room for it to be disturbed, placing a motivation poster or Quote can also be a

    good Idea to keep you focused on your target.


    Another way in which you can get rid of this habit is by trying as much as possible to get involved in tasks

    that promote group work, this will help you keep track of the things that you are doing because you’ll

    constantly be reminded to  complete the work before time because your doing it as a group.


    The other  benefit of this is that it will make it easier for  you to interact with people that you’ve just meet

    whilst helping you to be diligent with your work,the more you practise  this the more likely you are of

    building leadership skills because of your ability to manage time well.


    Here is a very intresting video I found on the topic , this video is by Mel Robbins it is a very short and

    useful video that you might want to see .




    In conclusion it is very important for you and I to take note of things that prevent us from completing the

    tasks that we have set out to complete, things like Social Media play a big part as they are the largest

    consumers of our time.


    Therefore  practise the tips mentioned above might just help you to become more productive leading to

    you having more success, always keep in mind that even starting to practise these tips might be hard at

    first but with the right attitude and right amount of consistence you’ll be able to perfect your this skill and

    even add to it.


    So don’t wait till tomorrow to start improving your life , start to day and you will see just how much

    success you’ll be able to achieve in a short period of time.Lastly I’ll end with saying a positive mindset is all

    you need to have in order to change  your lifestyle, stay positive and remember everyone had to start

    from somewhere keep on working.


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