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    Not until the keto diet has become popular as it is mainly used for weight loss, but it also has other benefits too such as

    preventing various diseases from occurring.You're probably looking at this article to find out what makes this diet as

    good as people say it is,well by the end of this informative post you'll find out all you need to know about a keto Diet and

    why it is very beneficial health wise.

    What Does It Mean To Eat Keto

    In a keto diet the amount of Carbohydrate(carbs) is kept at a lower level which allows for an increase in the amount of

    fats keeping the amount of proteins at a fairly regular amount which still makes it a balanced diet, that being said basic

    Keto diet may comprise of meals that have about 20% protein, 5% Carbohydrates and the remaining 75% accounts for

    the fats.So Just like high protein diet or low carb diet,a Keto diet also requires you to eat specific types of food which may

    include items like; eggs, vegetable, meat,dairy products,seafood's as well as food that is rich in fibre and grainy foods like

    oats.But with increase in popularity its not hard to find keto Diets and recipes.


    How Do Keto Diets Work ?

     The main aim of a Keto is to reduce the amount of glycogen that is stored within the body, therefore depending sole on

    the fats and proteins within the body for energy.Usually if a diet is high in carbs the glucose that is obtained after the

    carbs have been broken down is stored as excess fat by insulin within the body,so we could safely assume that the more

    carbohydrates you eat the more insulin is produced which leads to an increase in the amount of fat being stored.This

    increase in fat storage will lead to you guessed it weight gain which i think we are trying to avoid.

    Due to the fact that a keto diet is high in fat and low in carbs,no fat is added to the fat reserves within the body but is

    broken down into ketones,these ketones can then be used to maintain your body's daily activity without the use of

    excess fat or an increase in blood sugar levels.The entire process of producing a large amount of ketones as an

    alternative source of fuel for the body is known as ketosis.

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    Tips on How to Get Started with Keto

    Having talked about how this diet works, it is very important as a beginner that you start the right way, this is to ensure

    that you get the most out of these method. That being said here are a few steps that you might want to keep in mind

    when you want to start using this diet, that is low in carbohydrates.


    1. Avoid Eating Foods That Are High In Carbohydrates

    This being a keto diet it is very essential for us to remember that we are trying to reduce the amount of carbohydrates

    that we are taking in, so limiting our foods to things that don’t have a large amount of carbs.Keeping track of your the

    food that you eat can be very essential as you will not only be able to maintain your diet but its a very good way of

    preventing yourself from exceeding the required amount of calories.


    2. Exercise Is Good For Keto


    Even though this diet allows you to lose a great amount of weight by just cutting of large amounts of carbohydrates that

    you take in, it is very important that you still exercise.Exercising is very beneficial as it helps keep our body fit and allow

    us to lose weight as well, working out allows us to relieve ourselves from stress and this is what makes it a very

    important addition.So trying to add a few workouts to your daily schedule can make a very big difference.


    3. Keto Is A Balanced Diet But High In Fat

    This point is critical and has to be remembered as most beginners tend to forget this fact, you have to know that when it

    comes to Keto you need to ensure that the amount of fat that you have is high in order for it to be effective.However

    that being said this does not mean that your diet has to be imbalanced, it just means that you have to take in a larger

    amount of fats as compared to the rest of the other nutrients which are proteins,Carbohydrates and

    roughage.Therefore make sure that you maintain the appropriate balance while limiting your carbs , keeping this

    balance in nutrients is essential for the body as it helps it perform and function smoothly.

    Note : That in a low carbohydrate diet it is important to keep the appropriate ratios


    4. Staying Consistent Is Essential In Keto

    Like anything in life , if you want to get great results you have to make sure you remain persistent and this is also the

    same thing when it comes to dieting especially for keto.It is very important to remain focused with your strategies and

    maintain your diet plans.Make sure that you aren’t eating foods that may hinder you to defer from your daily routine, so

    having that discipline as a beginner is very critical as this will help you achieve the goals that you have set for yourself

    with this diet.

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    Whats The Best Keto Ratio To Follow ?


    Having the correct ratios when using having such a diet is very important as it will help you remain consistent with it ,

    having said this according to the myketocal website the most common ratio which is appropriate to use for your diet is

    listed below.

    The first ratio is known as the 4:1 meaning four grams of fat for every one carbohydrate plus protein

    • 80 % Fat
    • 20% Carbohydrates & Proteins

    The second ratio is Known as the 3:1 which is similar to the first one but just a smaller quantity of fat

    • 75 % Fat
    • 25 % Protein & Carbohydrates


    However even though they might not be any percentages that represent the amount of roughage we are supposed to

    eat it is extremely important to take in vegetables with your meals, not only will it help you gain beneficial nutrients from

    it but it also allows you to boost the immunity of the body helping you fight diseases more effectively.

     Note : This information was gotten from the myketocal website check out more information about keto dieting there.

    The important thing to remember is that you maintain the high levels of fat in your diet , finding keto recipes that can

    suit you is simple you can head over to the customketodiet website to create your very own custom diet.


    What Are the Benefits of Keto ?

    Keto diets come with huge benefits as compared to other diets that only serve for one purpose like for instance losing

    weight,because this diet reduces the amount of sugar within the blood vessels it has several health benefits and I will list

    some of these below.

    1. People That Use Keto Lose Weight 


    Although the original Ketogenic diet that was formulated by Dr Russell Wilder in the 20th century was used to treat

    epilepsy,today the primary use of a keto diet is for weight loss.As mentioned earlier in this post a Keto diet mainly

    consists of more fat than carbs, this also for the decrease in insulin production there by causing the body to use the fat

    deposits as A source energy resulting in the reduction of weight.This sate of ketosis allows for weight loss to happen

    quickly and easily without a reduction in body functions as well as without experiencing any side effects.

    Another thing to add is that this diet allows you to eat less by reducing your appetite allowing you to feel less hungry as

    you used to, this is because the keto diet is low in carbs.A diet that is high in Carbohydrates often tend to make you feel

    hungry even after a meal and this maybe due to the increased production of insulin within the body, a keto diet reduces

    the production of this insulin thus reducing the likely hood of you feeling hungry more often. 


    2. Using Keto Boosts Mental & Physical Awareness

    The other benefit of using a keto diet is that it helps you feel even more energetic and this is due to the fact that the

    body is constantly obtaining energy,this energy is obtained from the fat reserves and it is because of this fact the body

    will be able to maintain an adequate and constant source of energy leaving you revitalized and full of energy.Not only is

    it a does it proved a constant source of energy for the brain it also boosts the brains functionality.

     Its much harder for the brain to stay focused and attentive if the right levels of energy is not being supplied to the

    brain,for instance in a diet that is high in carbs there will be a rise and fall in sugar levels resulting in a fluctuation in

    energy getting to the brain.However due to the fact that a keto diet is rich in fats it helps increase the production of

    mitochondria as well as adenosine triphosphate within the memory cells of the brain,therefore helping to improve

    overall mental performance allowing you to stay focused.

    3. A Keto Lowers Cholesterol Levels


    Bad cholesterol is one of the main factors that is associated with heart disease,as to much of this bad cholesterol will

    lead to clogged up arteries making them narrow and much harder for the blood to pass through,this may cause various

    heart related diseases such as atherosclerosis.Keto diets helps to reduce the level of (LDL) which is bad cholesterol

    which in turn leads to an increase in (HDL) which is good cholesterol that enables us to prevent our selves from having

    any heart related diseases.


    4. Keto Dieting Is Good For Lowering Blood pressure & Insulin Levels 

    Diets like Keto that are low in carbohydrates have proven to be more effective when it comes to have proven to be

    more effective when it comes to lowering blood pressure as compared to diets that are low in fat,this vastly improves

    the cardiovascular health as well as its functions.Keto diets as mentioned earlier also limit the amount of insulin being

    produced within the body this is due to the fact that it is a low in carbs, this point is important to note for people that are

    diabetic due to the fact that if used right Keto can be used to reduce or further eliminate the use for diabetic injections.

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    The Keto diet is a multipurpose diet that is low in carbs,as seen in the post it has got many benefits such as increase in

    mental focus,prevention and treatment of diseases as well as weight loss being the main use of this diet.This diet takes

    advantage of the bodies natural process and thus making it very effective when used properly,the good thing about this

    diet is that it allows flexibility when it comes to meal choices as there are plenty of recipes to explore.Chances are that

    you're reading this because you might be in some kind of pain either physically or mental(fatigue,thyroid

    disease,struggling with autoimmune disorders being overweight) and feel like its time change.Please use this

    information as a guide to build on an motivate yourself don't just store it at the back of your mind,change starts today


    Getting started is not that simple in the link below is product that allows beginners to get a custom diet that suits your

    daily needs as well as various recipes created with simple ingredients , these recipes are crafted by certified nutritionists

    and chefs in order to help you achieve your the best way possible.

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