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    Alot of us have busy schedules that we’ve got to follow each and everyday, which will cause us to be so caught up with work and

    make us pay-less attention to ourselves.However to help you get passed that, it might be a good idea to practise some self love

    tips and you’ll be able to do that by following this very checklist.


    Doing this will make it easier for you to balance both your physical and emotional well-being , in this post will look at some of

    those things that will help you achieve just that.So by the end of this post you should be able to navigate through the week with

    ease, without feeling less energetic and stressed.


    Self Love Checklist 



    1. Spend Some Time With Family


    Even though you have to practise showing love to yourself, you’ll have to ensure that you show your love and care to other

    people as well.That being said , a very good way to start is by checking up on your loved ones by either calling them or video chat.

    This will make them feel more connect to you and also help you strengthen the bond between you and them, but this should only

    be limited to them but should be shown to everyone you come in contact with. Sometimes saying hi to the person across the

    street can have a huge impact on their day.



    2. Meditation & Self Love


    Doing alittle bit of meditation is very essential for you to improve yourself and that’s whats self love is all about, finding the time

    to sit down and reflect on the things that you’d like to change about your day can be useful in setting the goals that you would

    like to achieve. Meditation is a very good way to relief stress, as it allows you to focus on the good that you did throughout the

    day. So try to add this to your daily routine at the end of the day right before bed , it will help clear your mind right before you




    3. Waking Up Positive


    The most important thing to do if you want your day to be successful, is to start it with some good and positive energy. Waking

    up in a good mood will allow you to go through the day much easier, which will make you feel ready to take on any challenge.

    Being in a positive mood will help you put in the right amount of effort into anything that you’re doing because you know fully

    well that something good will come out of it,so get up early look in the mirror and tell yourself that “You gots this on lock cause

    your awesome”.


    4. Love your Body By Getting Rest


    Getting enough sleep is one of the most essential aspects of self love, getting the right amount of rest will allow you to have a

    very fruitful day and this is why it had to make this list. Usually we have to stay up late and put in that late night grind, but if your

    not getting the right amount of sleep it becomes hard for you to work at your best. That being said the recommend amount of

    time that you should spend sleeping is about 7 -8 hours, which should be just enough to recharge your batteries.


    However it can be very difficult at times to achieve this goal but, you might as well try to utilize your nap times. Yes you heard me

    right, taking naps will help you gain back those lost ours of sleep and will also help you recover.



    5. Social Media Detox


    Here’s a tough one, doing alittle bit of social media detox can be very useful for you.Now I know this is going to be hard because

    social media is everything these days , I mean who doesn’t like to watch a few viral videos on Instagram and Tictok.

    Don’t get it wrong its okay to be on social media but I think if you spend more time on these platforms , you’ll actually be less

    productive.Giving your eyes some rest is important , let them chill for a bit.



    6. A Little Bit of Sunshine


    Get outside and feel the sunshine, being indoors all the time isn’t great for you and that’s why you have to go outside atleast once

    in a while. So when you’re on your break at work, take a walk around the building for a bit its good for your skin after all.



    7. Set Daily Goals


    Making sure that you’ve got to set some daily goals and objectives is a huge part of self love, doing this daily will keep you

    focused on the things that you’re into. Creating these goals will help you become more productive with your life.



    8. Got To Detox


    Getting rid if toxins is very important for your well-being, toxins are harmful substances that

    can disturb the way our body system functions. These harmful chemicals can be found all around us like for instance, they can be

    present in the foods we eat or we can come into contact with them through the environment. This makes it even more of a

    reason for us to get rid of these toxins, staying hydrated does help flush out these harmful substances.



    9. Drinking Water


    I know this sounds pretty obvious but you should be drinking alot of water, not only is it good for your skin but it also helps you

    stay hydrated through out the day.It has been recommended that you should drink about two liters of water per day as an adult,

    which is alot but all you need is a fancy juice bottle to help you get by.


    10. Stress Relief


    With everything that goes on in our daily lives, it becomes very easy for us to feel stressed. We often get so occupied with the

    huge work loads and forget to care about ourselves.Reducing the amount of stress that you’ve accumulated is very important

    when it comes to self love, getting rid of this negativity is the key to feeling happy.So when you have a long day just come home

    to a nice relax warm bath to ease the stress , you’ll definitely need some bath salts  for that darling.



    11. Personal Time


    An Important part of self love is taking the time out of your day to do something that you’d like to do, whether its taking the time

    to read a book or just going out for a walk.Spending some alone time is essential, doing things that you like to do will help you

    retain your personality and also keep you happy. Which has to be one of the reasons you should practise self love, so treat

    yourself to something nice for a change.Remember you got yourself to where you are now, so its okay to do you for a while.



    12. Eat Healthy


    If you want to leave right, you have to be eating healthy.Maintaining a healthy diet that allows you to eat health is essential for

    your well-being, so just remember that you have to cut down on the carbs and increase the veggies.



    13. Little Bit of Organization


    Don’t forget to do alittle bit of tiding up and try to make sure that you keep your work space clean, more especially your

    bedroom. The more you organize things around you the more better you get at managing things.



    14. Working Out


    Adding a bit of a workout to your daily routine is good for you , not only will it help you stay in good shape but has other benefits

    that will improve your lifestyle.Working out is a very good way to relieve the body of stress.So start going for some runs and

    stop making excuses about not having a plan.



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