Self Care Tips for University/College Students


    Before you want to be a doctor, Engineer,Psychologist or major in any other career you’ll have to spend

    most of your time in college or university.As a student, the time you spend in this place can cause you to

    go through alot of stress which can take a tole on us both mentally and physically.

    That being said having some good practices that will help you take care of your body properly can be very

    useful to follow and hopefully by the end of this informative post you’ll learn all about them.


    What is Self care ?


    In order for us to fully know the importance of self care we must first know the real meaning of it.

    According to post about self care on the psychcentral website, self care was stated an activity that is done

    with the main purpose if taking care of our needs in three of the following aspects which are mainly

    mentally,emotionally and physically.

    That being said its important to note that we change our mindset of thinking that self care methods are

    only used if you are dealing with mental health, as its very important that we all take good care of



    Why Is Self Care Important ?


    Having some useful strategies and tips that allow you to maintain general well-being, will allow us to

    reduce the amount of stress as well as anxiety that you might be going through which will keep us more

    productive.Being far from your family and dealing with all the exams and assignments can be very tough

    on you, therefore these tips allow you to remain emotionally and mentally balanced even though times

    might feel tough.Taking care of your body is also a priority, being busy cam often strain the body as well

    which will prevent you from achieving the things that you might want to achieve.


    11 Self Care Tips for Students


    Self care tips for students


    Having talked about the importance of knowing these tools and why you should try to add them to our

    daily lifestyle, below are some of the few tips in personal care that you can use while your

    schooling.However in order for you to get the most out of these methods, you would have to practise

    them more frequently.Doing this will further allow you to come up with different ways of improving.



    1.Be positive & Have A Positive Mindset


    It’s always very important for us to look at the bright side of things even when things aren’t going as you

    planed, because good things take time and require you to be patient.Having a positive mindset is very

    essential for your success as it allows you to put the best in everything that you’ll be doing.

    Having this mindset will ensure that you always stay happy which is great for your self confidence, being

    like this will have people enjoy your company and this is definitely a great way of carrying yourself.


    2.Have Some Fun In University


    I know that education is what you went to do at the university but its just as essential to have a great time

    there too, creating the time for these activities will help you ease the pressure and stress that you might

    be dealing with at University.Making your time at your school fun and an exciting one to remember is very

    key to your success, because if you don’t enjoy were you are staying it will actually reduce the amount of

    effort you’ll be putting in.That being said socialize and try to have fun a bit more often, as the famous

    saying goes “All work and no play makes jack a dull boy”.



    3.Eating Healthy Foods Is Essential For Self Care


    Ensuring that you are eating a healthy diet is one of the most important was of maintaining our well-

    being, by eating the right foods you allow the body to receive the nutrients that it needs in order for it to

    remain healthy.That being said its important for us to engage in a balanced diet as this will ensure that all

    the nutrients will be carted for in all your meals, it is very essential that you limit the amount if times you

    eat unhealthy foods. These can be those that are high in carbohydrates, calories and fats as these can

    cause you to gain a substantial amount of weight, eating foods like this can also cause you to experience

    conditions such as high blood pressure which can greatly affect your well-being.So try as much as

    possible to keep track of what you are eating by using a journal to take down how many calories you have

    taken in , this will prevent you from surprise weight gain.You can also try to limit the sizes of portions you

    eat as this can also help you maintain your weight.


    4.Staying Hydrated



    Drinking alot of fluids is very essential as it helps us stay hydrated, it is important for us to drink enough

    water throughout the course of the day as it has plenty of benefits.In terms of personal care, drinking alot

    of water is definitely good for your skin but it also helps flush out the toxins that might be in our

    body.Toxins are harmful substances that enter our system and might cause us to experience

    malfunctions in the way our hormones perform, that being said its very essential for us to get rid of these

    substances out of our body.And water is a great way to do this because it is a natural detoxing agent, but

    you might also want to other products like green tea as it is also know for being a good detoxing agent as



    5.Working Out is Great for Self Care


    Self care also means that you have to start taking great care of your body which is very important, that

    being said adding a bit of workout to your daily schedule is a good idea.With all the time you spend sitting

    down in lectures can really have a big impact on your posture, thus working out will be very

    useful.Exercising has been seen as the traditional way of staying fit or a method to lose weight , but it also

    has some additional benefits that will benefit your well-being.Like for instance as your perform your

    physical exercises it will help give you a proper posture and a well defined muscle structure.Another thing

    that you might not have known is that exercising more frequently have proven to help boost mental

    productivity according to the website, therefore adding this to your schedule will make you feel more

    relaxed and will allow you to get in tip top shape for the summer.


    6.Getting Enough Sleep Is Important For Students



    With all the assignments and classes getting enough rest is very essential, sleeping for long periods of

    time allows your body to relax giving you a boost in energy and productivity when you need it.If you don’t

    get the rest you need,you’ll put more stress on your bodys system and this can lead to all types of

    Imbalance with your hormones.So allowing you’re body to rest is a big part of personal care, therefore it

    has been highly recommended that you sleep for 7-8 hours of sleep everyday.But it can be very difficulty

    to get those ours in one sitting and this is why adding some nap times to your daily routine can be very

    essential. Did you know that blue light can affect the way that you sleep ?


    7.Calling A Timeout / Breaks


    Taking a break or calling a timeout from your daily routine is very essential for you when it comes to

    personal care, this will not only help you drain out the stress you might feel but also ease you from

    pressure.Therefore spend time doing what you like to do and free yourself from the company of others

    for a bit, its critical to remember that this time should not be used to do any extra work but only to relax

    and enjoy the book that you’ve wanted to finish.Doing things that make you feel happy is a very big step

    in improving your lifestyle and well-being. 


    8.Planing & Routines


    Sometimes the best way to ensure that you achieve something is if you plan for it, having a set routine

    that you follow throughout the day can have a huge impact on your self care.Not only will it help you keep

    track of things like your productivity and it can also help you strategies on what you can do better.That is

    why it is essential that you have a goal that you have to achieve by the end of the day as this will help

    learn how to use your time much more effectively,like for instance planning will help you balance your

    time between working and relaxing.Having a routine will prevent you from procrastinating as well,

    procrastination is one of the main reasons as to why some people don’t achieve anything most of the

    time.So try and set a list of goals for the next day before you sleep and this will make a large difference in

    the way you achieve your targets and your lifestyle in general.


    9.Talking to Some


    When things might not be going so well for you and feel that you have been neglected , having someone

    to share your situation with can be very essential.People often think that asking for help from others

    makes you look weak but it only makes you a better person, bottling up negativity is not something that

    you would want to do and that being said please make it a habit to ask for advice on anything that you’ll

    need to know.If you know someone that went through something similar to what you did ask them for a

    few pointers, most time you’ll find that you are in a better position than they where.


    10.Staying Offline & No Social Media



    Most of the information that we need is found online and this makes it even much more difficult for us to

    stay off our electronic devices, but taking sometime offline is very helpful to us.Staying on our phones is

    one of the main reasons as to why people become less productive, so it would really help us if we limited

    the amount of time we spend on social media.Doing this will help you get rid of the distractions which will

    only lead to improved focus on the work you’ll be doing.




    Taking some timeout of your schedule to lend a helping hand can also be a great tool that can allow you

    to work on yourself, because this will allow you to see the good that you can do for others which will

    boost both your Self confidence and self worth.This doesn’t mean that you have to give more than what

    you have but volunteering can be done in different ways, like for instance you can offer your skills to help

    people grow.So be grateful for what you have and try to share your gift with others.

    There are the essential self care tips That Will Help students Go Through University







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