Ovarian Cyst: Causes & Risks If left Untreated




    Ovarian cyst is a very common gynecological problem that affects the well being of women at various

    stages of their lives, this problem forces alot of women to go through both emotional and physical

    stress.This stress can therefore cause other complications as well as risks if not treated and diagnosed

    properly, it therefore very important for women to fully understand the cause of Ovarian cyst and what

    could occur if this condition is to be left untreated.


    Hopefully by the end of this informative post you should be able to determine the causes of Ovarian cysts

    as well as the risks of not treating it in due time.

    What Is Ovarian Cyst ?


    An Ovarian cyst is a collection of fluids that are enclosed within a slender wall, these fluid filled sacks are

    formed within the walls of the Ovary.The size of these cyst is usually not smaller than two centimeters

    which is about 0.78 inches, many of  the ovarian cysts just come about naturally meaning that they are

    rarely harmful to our health.However in some cases they might bring about other complications that

    might be a risk to our health and well being.


    What Causes Cyst In Ovary?


    Like any medical condition, the first step in order for us to treat this condition is to correctly identify the

    cause of the growth.There are many causes of Ovarian cyst some are more common than others,but it is

    important to keep in mind that a combination of several individual factors may lead to the growth of the

    Ovarian cyst.Some of these causes will be listed below.


    1.Unhealthy Dieting Can Cause Cyst Growth In Ovary.



    Eating foods that aren’t good for your health generally lead to various complications within the body,diets

    that are high in carbohydrates usually trigger an increase in the production of insulin.


    This is due to the  fact that insulin is required in order to breakdown the carbohydrates into simple

    molecules that are then stored as fat within the body,it is important to note that the more carbohydrates

    you take in, the more insulin will be produced.


    The increase in insulin can stimulate the production of androgen, this can lead to the increase in more

    dominant hormones that can cause irritation within the body as a result a cyst might form.


    2. A Weak Immune Sytem Can Cause Cyst Growth



    The Immune system helps the body to fight against all kinds of diseases and sickness,if the immune

    system is weak it becomes harder for it to protect us against these illness.


    A poor Immune system is  caused by a multitude of things such as a poor diet,both physical and mental stress,hormonal Imbalances,build up of toxins as well as sleep deprivation to mention but a few.


    As the Immune system grows weaker and weaker, it becomes even much harder for it to defend

    itself against the formation of Ovarian cysts.


    3. Genetic Defects May Lead To Growth Of Cyst



    Some defects in the genetic structure are usually the primary reason as to why ovarian cysts occur,as

    some research has shown that women that had suffered from Ovarian cyst have a different genetic

    structure as opposed to those that haven’t suffered from this chronic disease.


    As women that have  suffered from Ovarian cyst often have problems when it comes to cell activity,

    although Genetics may differ they can be modified by various factors such as the environment as

    well as living a proper and healthier lifestyle.


    Another factor that can also be include is the failure for Ovulation to take place, as the ovaries fail to

    release eggs within a monthly time frame it can cause metabolic disorders such as hormonal Imbalances

    which can increase the chances of Ovarian cyst.


    What Happens If Cyst Is Left Untreated & Is It Dangerous ?


     Although the cause of ovarian cysts are similar,the complications may differ depending on the stage of

    the Ovarian cyst as well as the rate of growth.It is imperative that you treat an Ovarian cyst as soon as

    possible in order to avoid unwanted  risks that might be harmful to your health, as a result of leaving it

    unattended.Below are some of the Risks that occur if cyst is not treated in good time.


    1.Untreated Cyst May Cause Infertility


    Infertility is the inability of a woman to complete a full term of pregnancy,it leaves women both

    emotionally and mentally stressed, infertility affects most women at different stages of their lives.An

    Ovarian cyst may cause some damage to the reproductive organs,these damages can either be

    temporary or permanent depending on the growth of the Ovarian cyst.


    Therefore it is important for women that are suffering from ovarian cyst to seek medical attention before

    moving forward with pregnancy, in order to quickly restore the health of their reproductive system.

    watch this short video about infertility in which a Doctor from the Permanente medical group of Northern

    California briefly talks about infertility.




    feel free to check out their channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/DoctorsAtKaiserTPMG

    2.Ruptured Ovarian Cyst

    A ruptured Ovarian cyst can cause internal bleeding which might be very dangerous in some cases,as this

    can cause hemorrhage and requires immediate medical attention.This rapture can also cause unbearable

    pain to the abdomen, which would further lead to physical stress on the body.

    3.Ovarian Torsion

    The twisting of the ovaries can also lead to infertility as the eggs would stop being produced,Ovarian

    torsion might also disturb the blood being supplied to the ovaries too. This leads to yet another

    complication which may cause inflammation as well as septic shock, this complication is called

    Ovarian Necrosis.



    This happens when the membrane of the mucus is inflamed,it is because of this there can be excruciating

    pain and in some cases this pain can be life threatening.


    Although Ovarian cyst usually have little to no effect on our health, in some rare events it has turned out

    to be cancerous and this might be due to the various factors like how long it had been left untreated as

    well as environmental factors too.If the cyst turns out to be cancerous the patient would also start cancer

    treatment in conjunction with the surgery, in which both ovaries are removed leaving the patient

    permanently incapable of fertility and reproduction.




     In Conclusion we have seen that there are various causes of Ovarian cysts,some of the causes are easy to

    identify while others aren’t.Therefore it is very important to take the right precautions by ensuring the

    cause is determined and treatment is started as soon as possible,as this would ensure that you would

    have a safer and healthier pregnancy whilst avoiding unwanted risks.Although conventional medicine can

    be used for treatment, a more holistic approach has proven to work more effectively.Not only does this

    approach focus on restoring natural balance but also offers a safer and more gentle solution without any

    nasty side effects, this approach also helps to achieve long term prevention of Ovarian cyst without the

    risk of treatment.

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