Infertility in females Explained



    Children are the biggest source of joy to their parents , having that special bond and watching them grow

    older is truly something special.However for some individuals the process of having children is a very

    difficult one for them , this might be due to the fact that they might be having a problem with their

    fertility.Infertility is the largest issue that is faced by most couples in the world today and finding a way to

    deal with this issue properly is essential, as this problem may cause couples to go through some hardship

    as it can affect both males and females.It can also make the individuals to go through alot of stress both

    mentally and Emotionally which can in turn take a tole on the body’s functionality, However it is essential

    to Find out what the major signs and causes of infertility are as well as what you can do to increase your

    chances of fertility.In this informative article we will be looking at the above topics with respect to women.


    In order for us to fully understand the symptoms and the causes of this condition , it is just as important

    for us to properly define what infertility actually is.


    What Is Infertility ?


    Infertility has been defined as the inability of an individual to reproduce that being said in men it is the

    failure to produce male sex cells (Sperm) that are healthy enough to fully fertilize the egg , whilst in

    women it is the inability for them to complete a full term of pregnancy.This failure can be due to things

    such as miscarriages or other perinatal conditions.


    Having said this it is important to recognize that infertility is not always about being able to produce the

    respective sex cells but , its a question on whether or not the quality of those cells are good enough to be

    able to carry out a fruitful pregnancy.Although they're other factors that can affect your fertility it is still an

    essential point to remember.That being said this condition does affect both males and females, making it

    even more significant for couples to go and seek medical attention if you are having any problems and its

    good practise to go for check ups regularly.But if you’re going through this condition you should be

    worried because according to the center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), roughly (6.1) million

    women in the united states have difficulty of becoming pregnant.Which means this problem occurs more


    That being said we can now look at the symptoms which you might experience if you are going through

    this condition


    What are the signs of infertility in females ?



    There are many symptoms of this condition but here are some of the main ones to remember.


    1.Failing To get Pregnant 


    This should be the most common symptom of this condition , however this should only be recognizes if

    you have failed to fall pregnant after a few months of trying.Like stated earlier sometimes being able to

    conceive may involve alot of other factors such as timing and ovulation to mention but a few.


    2.Changes in Hormonal Activity


    Hormones are chemicals that are used to send messages to the respective glands in our body, hormones

    control most of our body functions such weight loss, hunger and even our emotions.If there is a change in

    the hormonal activity it can cause our body to perform differently which can lead to a failed pregnancy.


    3.Irregular Menstrual cycle might be A Sign Of Infertility 

    Slight changes to that happen to your cycle like missing a period or having heavy periods can be

    interpreted as a problem within your system and it can be a cause of infertility.


    What are the main Causes of Infertility in Females ?



    The first step to treating any problem is to identify the root causes in the initial stages, this is done on

    order to prevent any complications.Determining the causes is just as significant as important because

    they might be a multitude of issues that can lead to infertility, below are just some of these causes.


    Hormonal Imbalances Can Cause Infertility


    As mentioned earlier hormones control most of the functions that we perform in our body,like for

    instance they control our emotions , they way we burn calories and even the way we put on weight. That

    being said if these hormones were to undergo any sort of malfunction it can affect our bodies

    dramatically and this is the case when it comes to infertility, if the hypothalamus starts was to malfunction

    it can cause the eggs that are being produced to be immature. The same thing can be said for the

    pituitary gland as it is responsible for the regulation of LH(luteinizing) and FSH(Follicle-stimulating) , which

    if these hormones are imbalanced can also produce unhealthy eggs. If an unhealthy egg is made it can

    cause a failed pregnancy because it is not sustainable enough and this is one of the main reasons of

    infertility according to a book that is written Lisa Alson , who is a nutritionist and health consultant the

    book is entitled pregnancy miracle.


    Women that suffer from Polycystic ovary syndrome(PCOS) may have a decrease in the amount of FSH

    being produced resulting in the increase of LH as well as testosterone, which can lead to anovulation

    causing a woman to skip her ovulation according to healthlinebc and PCOS is one of the most common

    cause of infertility today, this syndrome in some women can cause them to grow some small cysts on

    their ovaries which aren’t harmful but can lead to imbalances in hormonal activity.

    That being said it would be a good idea to learn about hormonal imbalances as it can come in handy.


    Damages to the Reproductive Organs Can Cause Failed Pregnancies


    Sometime this condition can be caused by injuries or damages that had happened to the respective

    reproductive organs these being the fallopian tube and the ovaries, previous surgeries that had been

    done closer to those parts of the body may cause the damage.Other things that can cause these damages

    to occur are Sti’s such as gonorrhea and chlamydia as this cause inflammation to occur to those organs

    and can affect there functionality.Other than that The fallopian tubes can also  be damaged because of

    pelvic tuberculosis which according to the mayoclinic website is a major cause of infertility Globally.


    Infections and Other Diseases May Cause Infertility


    It is very critical to note that infections as well as disease can affect the fertility of females, they are some

    conditions that may inhibit your organs from performing the rules that they have to.If growths such as

    uterine fibroid or ovarian cysts occur it can disturb the process of pregnancy.These growths can make it

    even harder for the pregnancies to occur successfully. Bacterial infections that affect the fallopian tube

    can cause it to malfunction,in an article on this topic the mayoclinic website it mentioned that in order for

    the embryo to grow the uterus has to be in the correct state meaning it has to be healthy. Lastly there are

    other factors such as issues with the immune system, this can be in terms of an increase in anti-sperm

    antibodies, if these cells are produced in excess they can cause the uterus to be inflamed which may also

    create an environment that is not safe enough for the embryo to survive. It also prevents fertilization

    from taking place as all the sperms would have been killed by the females antibodies upon entering the


    How to check for fertility in women?


    Having talked about the causes of female infertility it is imperative to find out some of the methods that

    you can opt for, if you feel the need to know your current state which is a good thing to do.

    There are many medical procedures that you can use to determine your state here are some of them.




    This is a procedure that is done using an xray called a fluoroscope, in this method the doctors are trying

    to determine the presence of any foreign bodys such as uterine fibroid and tumors as it is mainly

    centered on the uterus and the fallopian tubes.According to Radiologyinfo this process does open up

    blocked fallopian tubes to allow women to become able to conceive.



    This is a surgery that is done to see if they might be any physical damage to the fallopian tube or the

    uterus , they also check for any abnormalities.

    Source : ivF1.com


    Ovulation Testing


    This is a blood test that is used to measure the your hormonal levels in order to determine if you’re

    ovulating according to Mayoclinic.


    Urine test


    In this method the medical doctors will try to detect the levels of the luteinizing hormone, if there is an

    increase in this hormone it represents the release of an egg by the ovaries, this is one of the best ways to

    have an insight on your ovulation schedule which is very good when you are planing for pregnancy.

    There are other ways of testing that can help you to determine your fertility such as a progesterone test

    and prolactin level test, which can be classified as hormonal tests as well.


    How can you Increase your fertility ?


    Having mentioned how you can determine if you are fertile as well as the signs and causes of infertility in

    females,it is helpful to learn some of the methods that you can use to boost your levels of

    fertility . Practising these will help you ensure that you have a safe and health pregnancy, of course there

    are various ways you can achieve this but here are some of the basic ways you can go about it.


    1. Reducing Stress Helps Boost Fertility


    Dealing with all the things that are happening in our daily lives and at our places of work can cause us to

    become fatigued and this can take a tole on both our mental and physical well-being, which may

    eventually lead to us becoming stressed.If this is not dealt with well it can cause an imbalance in

    hormonal activity, stress can also increase your blood pressure which might cause harmful conditions

    that can be a threat to your health.Reducing your stress levels also limits the chances of you having

    uterine fibroid, so taking part in some activities that help you get rid of this negative energy can be very

    vital for your well-being.A practise that you can add to your routine that will benefit you is

    meditation, meditating helps you to gain focus whilst allowing your body to relax which promotes a stable

    mindset which comes in handy when dealing with hormonal imbalances.Another thing you can do is

    working out, this has commonly been used as a means of staying fit and in shape but has some additional

    benefits that can help boost your fertility level by relieving stress.For instance exercising loosens up the

    tight knots in the blood vessels and muscles , this eases the flow of circulation of your blood helping you

    relax.This is important as it can effectively free up tension that is located in your abdomen which might be

    caused by menstruation and fibroid , knowing some useful yoga tips can really be helpful as well.


    2. Eating Healthy Will Boost Fertility



    Having a healthy diet is essential as it gives us the right kind of nutrients that help our body to function

    correctly, eating a diet that is unhealthy may only cause us to experience negative effects with respect to

    your well-being.Engaging in adiet that is high in saturated fats is harmful to your health due to the fact

    that it too can lead to a malfunction in hormonal activity, therefore eating foods that are high in fibre and

    low in fats is very essential as it boosts your well-being and promotes sustainable growth.You can also

    take some health supplements like 


    3. Avoid Some habits Like Smoking


    Sometimes there are habits that we do that can alter the way our body works , so making sure that we

    control ourselves is very important.Smoking is one of these habits that can limit a womans capabilities of

    getting pregnant, according to an article on the Webmd website chemicals found cigarettes such as

    nicotine can interfere with the body’s ability to produce estrogen.Estrogen is the hormone that helps

    regulate ovulation and smoking can cause the eggs to have some defects.  


    4. Healthy Weight is Important 



    This is a point that is missed by many people when it comes to infertility , sometimes ensuring that your

    body is at an appropriate weight is essential for a successful pregnancy.In order to determine if you have

    this weight you might have to use the BMI scale , this is a simple calculation to do as it is a measure of

    your body weight divided by your height.You can however use a BMI calculator to determine if you are

    over or underweight for your size.That being said taking the right measure to change your condition is

    very essential.


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