Its the most wonderful time of the year as we get to spend the much need time with our friends and family, its the time

    of the year that we all look forward to even from the beginning of the year.

    Holiday season is truly special as well all get to sit around as a family and share meals together , However this time of

    the year means that its time to pile up on the calories and if you’re not careful you might go two size up.

    Because of the many family functions they will be a variety of foods as well as recipes, so its important that you try not to

    put on extra weight.

    If you aren’t mindful of taking into your body, you might find yourself having to go to the gym more frequently next year.

    As a foodie I love this time of the year as I get to try all sorts of new dishes and recipes but I have to also keep track of

    just how much am eating so I decided to share a few tips and tricks on how you can enjoy your holiday by eating as

    much as you want, without having to worry about your weight.

    The good thing is that most of these tips don’t even require you to workout, therefore its just a matter of trying your best

    not to go over the limit and besides I don’t want to feel you’re holidays with stuff that’s too complicated



    Understanding Weight Gain

    So before you I give you the useful tips as well as the strategies that can prevent you from gaining weight, its very

    important for you to understand how exactly what things make us increase in size.

    By now we traditionally know that eating meals that are not balanced it may lead you to gain some pounds and

    particularly meals that are high in carbohydrates, in order to digest meals that are high in carbs the body has to produce

    a large amount of insulin to do so.

    That being said the insulin converts these nutrients into simpler ones which are then stored as fats in our body and this

    is very important to understand, so the more the carbs , the more fat gets stored into your body leading to weight gain.

    Note : The above information was obtained from a blog about Keto.

    That being said it is very essential for us to also make sure that we check the ingredients that are contained in our food

    packages , as most of the time people usually experience a mysterious gain because of not being aware of whats going


    So just keep that in mind if you’re preparing a large meal for your family and friends.

    Lastly being mindful of whats going into your body helps you in keeping track of how many calories are going into your


    Having said that here are somethings that you might want to try when it comes to avoiding gaining some pounds during

    this time of year, as always with everything lifestyle you’ll just have to be consistent with your methods.

    Having a positive mindset is very critical in achieving your goals and aims, but don’t worry most of these methods will

    not be stressful allowing you to have alot of fun with your loved ones it is the reason for the season after all.



    Tips and Strategies

    So here are the useful tips and strategies to help you stay the same size through out this holiday season.


    Portion Control you Stay Slim


            Photo by Engin Akyurt from Pexels



    This is one of the things that I think is very helpful when it comes to ensuring you don’t put on some extra pounds,

    having the right portion sizes will help you manage the way you eat.

    I feel that sometimes when you are given large amounts of food you feel obligated to finish all of it, so in order to

    prevent this you can try fixing yourself your own plate with what you feel is appropriate for you.

    Another thing you can do is start by getting a larger amount of vegetables based foods first before everything else, not

    only does this make you increase the roughage in your diet but it allows you to get satisfied much faster.

    In relation to portion control I would also like to mention something that maybe just as important, pacing yourself when

    eating can also be a great practice when it comes to this topic.

    When you’re not in a rush to eat food and you’re taking your time, you’ll notice that you won’t eat as much causing you

    to feel full.

    Tips : Using a smaller plate is also another good way to control your portion sizing as the limited space will prevent you from getting alot of food


    Avoid Unhealth Snacking to Stay fit this seaseon


    Usually we often associate snacking with overeating but in this case we will be talking about how it

    Can be used more effectively, we all know that unhealthy snacking can lead to weight gain but if we use it differently we

    can get a positive outcome from it.

    Having said that during the days when you are not going for gatherings it can be a good thing to allow the body to relax

    by giving it health snacks, these can be things like fruits or even vegetables.

     This will not only provide you with valuable nutrients but also allow you to eat the maximum amount of calories without

    having any deficiencies, its very important for your digestive system to relax when you are not eating alot of food.

    In an informative blog post by nutritionist Liz Swann Miller , she mentions that health snacking can actually enable to

    lose some pounds if you eat the right foods.

    So this can be a very effective strategy when it comes to maintaining your look during this time of the Year.

    Tip : You should try to have a mixture of fruits and vegetables through out the course of the day having a wide variety is

    always great.Knowing some great Green smoothie recipes would also be  great too.


    Detoxing Helps Keep you Slim


             Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels



    Staying Hydrated is very critical as it not only helps with keeping your skin moist but also with cleansing of your body ,

    this is done by getting rid of toxins within the body.

    Toxins are foreign chemical substances that are harmful to the body’s system, these harmful chemicals enter our

    systems through many different ways such which could be either through the foods and liquids we taken in or even

    through the interactions with the environment as we go about or daily lifestyle.

    If these substances settle in our systems for a very long period of time they do have the ability to hinder the body’s

    functionality which in some cases can be the main thing that might can cause people to lose weight, so getting rid of

    them is a perfect way to ensure that you maintain your shape during this season.

    Therefore drinking alot of water is one of the best ways to cleanse of toxins, this is mainly because water us a natural

    detoxing agent and the good thing is that it is readily available for everyone to use.

    However there are other things that do provide the same purposes as water , these are products such as green tea

    which has been a well known for its cleansing abilities.

    Red Tea Detox also known as Rooibos is also great for this purpose and it is very effective as it to can be sourced locally.

    Tips: Detoxing must be done regularly but it is important to see your local doctor or nutritionist on advice on this matter,

    as getting clinical advice is always the best.


    A Balanced diet is essential for fitness


    Engaging in a health diet is one of the most talked about things when it come to eating healthy, but it is very important

    to eat a well balanced meal.

    A balanced diet as you might already know is one that simply contains an equal amount of all the required nutrients that

    the body needs to function and these nutrients are Carbohydrates, proteins , fats and roughage.

    So making sure that you’re not taking in more of one nutrient is essential as this imbalance can cause various kinds of

    conditions, also it being holiday time they will be alot of Carbohydrates so please remember to not take more than you


    As explained earlier if you diet is high in carbohydrates it can cause an increase in the amount of fat being deposited into

    your body but , it can also lead to various conditions such as high blood pressure or even heart disease.

    Tip : Try as much as possible to have variety in your selection of food but it has to have the right

    Balance in nutrients, did you know that this kind of diet is actually goof for boosting the body’s Immunity.


    Limiting The Amount of Sugar Prevents Weight gain

    Image by Luisella Planeta Leoni from Pixabay


    The first thing that comes to mind when it I think of the festive season is receiving gifts of sweets and chocolate,

    although these are great gifts to receive too much sugar is not only good for your teeth but is bad for your health in


    Eating alot of foods stuff that have a high level of sugar in them are one of the leading causes of weight gain in the world

    today, therefore switching to some alternatives is one of the best ways to keep your sugar levels low.

    Speaking of alternatives this must also be done for things like soda and other snacks or you could just go for things that

    have no added sugars in them.


    Keeping Track of Your Calories

    Keeping track of how many calories you are taking into your body is a great way to stay in shape, as this will allow you to

    eat foods that have great value and still stay within the required daily calorie limit.

    According to an article on the healthline website the recommend amount of calories to be consumed by adults is about

    10,000 per week and for children is may vary per week depending on age , it is important for us to stay within this limit

    as it will prevent is from experiencing other conditions that might be harmful to our well being.

    Tip : keeping a journal or having a table is a great way in which you can help in keeping your progress

    And checking for what you’ve missed , its also a great way to plan for children’s meals.


    Working Out will help you stay Fit.



    Even though it might be the season to kick back and relaxing it can be essential to have a bit of a workout routine,

    working out has been seen as the most traditional way for someone to lose weight but it does have some additional


    In this case we’ll be mainly looking at what it can do for us in terms of keeping the body in shape, so having a bit of

    exercise would be really great as it helps tighten the muscles making them firmer improving your posture.

    Performing Physical routines is a great way for shade a couple of inches of your belly as well , however you might want

    to learn some specific exercises that might help you stay in shape more effectively.

    Watching some full body workout tutorials might also be a great way to learn how you can work on your core as well.

    The other positive thing about exercising is that it increases the immunity of the body enabling you to combat diseases

    much quicker, doing things like Cardio and Aerobics definitely helps withe the functionality of both the heart and the

    lungs respectively.

    Practising some yoga can also help with the muscles but also with stress relief too.

    Tips : When picking a workout it is very important that you choose something easy to do and then build up to more

    intensive exercises as later on , as it helps to increase your stamina.


    Don’t Overthink It

    Sometimes the main reason as to why we tend to put on extra weight is because we over think it, the more we thinking

    to much about the process the more likely we are of inviting stress into our lives.

    What people don’t know is that if this stress is not dealt with adequately it can the hormonal activity within our body to

    be imbalanced, when our hormonal activity is imbalanced it can have a multitude of effects such as hair loss, prevent us

    from losing weight or gain weight and have mood swings to mention but a few.

    Making it even more important to maintain this balance within our body, so just make sure that you stay relaxed and

    happy during this time of the year .

    In conclusion the festive season is one of the best times of the year to enjoy the company of your friends and family,

    however it is also just as important to ensure that we aren’t gaining any extra pounds as well.

    That being said the combination of the methods above can help you in getting through this time without worrying about

    switching to a larger size, but it is the holiday season after all so try not to concentrate on it too much so just put in a bit

    of effort and it will work out just fine.

    By Lifestylenstuff


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