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    When we were younger at some point we all aspired to become something great in life, either we wanted to grow up and be doctors or even take up various other jobs like lawyers.We also could have envisioned ourselves creating business that would amass us a large amount of wealth but, as you get older some of these goals which you might have thought of may seem to be slowly fading away with time.

    The good thing is that there is always enough time to pursue whatever you want to in order to complete your hearts desires, its very important to achieve your goals because we not only have one life to leave but if accomplishing these goals is the only thing that will truly make you happy.

    Even if you have that fancy job your parents always wanted coupled with that large paycheck every month, I believe you would feel that there is something that you are missing out on. I like to think that money does make you happy but its only for a short while real happiness however , comes from within you and your hearts desires.

    To get on you on the path to become successful , you’ll have to know a few things which are very important as they might act as the building blocks of your success.These tips are relevant those that might want to achieve something that might seem small , those in school to even those that might want to dream bigger.As these will shift you in the right direction.

    Always keep in mind that most of these tips will have to be practiced regularly as the will get you into the habit of being more productive, remember you can always get whatever you want to if you just try to. Life is all about putting in effort and energy

    Positive Mindset

    The first thing that you’ll need to overcome whenever you are trying to achieve the success that you deserve is a negative mindset, thinking negatively can affect the effort that you will be putting into your craft.

    Its okay to be scared of not accomplishing your goals it’s what makes us human however, don’t let this fear become more dominant in your life as this will affect your zeal to become an achiever. 

    When in fact the thing that you’ll have to be even twice as scared of is not even trying to achieving anything , because imagine growing older and thinking what if I had done something different would my life have become different ?. 

    So that was just a reminder that you must try to achieve whatever you’d want to and the great thing is that as you try to reach your dreams, you are far much better than those that are just seated doing nothing at all.

    Having a positive mindset will help you stay on the right track and avoid the things that will disturb your progress, as you concentrate on the problems in your life they tend to become even bigger than before therefore having a positive mindset helps with this and allows you ti stay patient as well as  content.

    Another good thing about having a positive mindset is that it enables you to always learn from your mistakes without having to give up on your dreams, learning from your mistakes helps you do things much better and after all mistakes are the best way to learn something. Meditation as well as working out can help you build on your positive mindset.



    Time Management

    Another valuable resource that you’ll need to acquire in order to be where you want to is having the ability to manage time, as this will help you become more productive all the time.Having the ability to plan the way you spend your day is very essential as this will help you divide up your work easily, giving you a time limit in which you’ll have to make the most out of.
    Gaining Great time management skills is a good way to overcome procrastination, as procrastination allows us to become lazier making us feel less likely to complete tasks that we have in front of us.

    However it can be good to know some steps on how you can avoid it other than through the use of time management, a good tip on having control over your time is to write down whatever you want ti achieve at the start of each day.

    This will help channel your mindset to get prepared for the work that’s about to come so keeping a little book or journal can be very useful,separating whats important from what isn’t can also allow you to budget your time much wisely.Having such a skill Is very important in maximizing your rate of success in life.

    Self Motivation

    Just like thinking positive it is also essential for us to remain self motivated in order for us to improve on your achievement levels, believing in your abilities is very vital in becoming productive and reaching your goals.

    Staying motivated gives you that extra boost when planning your objectives, it is also the fuel that drives you to try harder even when things are not going your way at times.If you are not properly motivated you become doubtful of the things that you can achieve making it harder for you to focus on your goals at hand.

    Building self-believe is essential as this allows you to do everything with the right mindset, it very important to make sure that as you work you have a positive mindset and be happy as well this does help.

    There are various ways to stimulate your mind positively like for instance you can watch stories by your role models and draw inspiration from there but , you can also find people that are trying to do the same as you is also as effective in provoking that hunger to do well.

    This will enable you to learn from each other and also give you the chance to be inspired by each others work, this social gathering will give you the ability to push each other to give your best in whatever you are doing.


    Hard Work

    Making your dreams into a reality can only be done if you make sure you’re putting in the right amount of time in your craft, in life the only difference between the people that make it in life and those that don’t is effort.

    I know sometimes it can feel like you are working but nothing is happening but just think if it as energy being stored up which will be released really soon, as the saying goes good things come to those that weight so just hung on for a bit longer you’ll surely get there.

    Working hard requires a certain amount of discipline because there are some things that might distract you from your goals, it all about sacrificing what you like just for a bit in order for you to create something that will help you enjoy more of what you missed out.

    So as you’re doing your thing it is essential to do it smartly too as you want to be as effective as you possibly can , continue working diligently and never give up if you lose hope it will be much harder for you to trust in your abilities.

    I know that sometimes people might doubt you because they might think that you are wasting your time , but they too would also want to benefit from your success as well.If people think you cant do it the show them that you can and put them in their place , you can do it.

    Be Unique Do it your Way

    In your journey to reach where you want to be you might reach a position in which you might feel that you just don’t cut it and feel the need to move on to something else , but it is essential that you do things your way or doing something that suits you .

    Doing this will not only boost your confidence but, it also helps you stay focused and prevent you from quitting easily.Also doing something your way also makes a great story as well , we do only have one life to live after all so make it a unique one and something that you can make you smile when you think about it.

    Even though doing it your way might seem harder and very tiring it beats being like everybody else, so try to be brave and creative making the most out of your abilities not forgetting your opportunities too.

    Goal Setting

    Setting goals is a very good way to ensure that you stay committed in achieving your goals, it is also a great way to keep track of your accomplishments as well as the progress that you have made so far. 

    This point is very critical in building up your future as it keeps you in with a mindset of working harder as well as helping you prevent laziness, practising this will also give you the adequate amount of time to plan your steps better which is great.Another good thing that comes out of planning ahead is that it allows you to draw more focus on the important things, this is great as it gives you the ability to become more disciplined when it comes to selecting priorities.

    Setting personal goals is very important when trying to increase your productivity levels, it is a good thing to start as it helps with setting priorities.



    Rest & Stress Relief

    As we are performing our daily routines sometimes you might go through some things that can cause you to get stressed and if this is not dealt with adequately it can put your body through alot of pain too, that is why it is very essential to get rid of this negative energy correctly in order to stay on the right track with your productivity.

    There are many ways in which we can get rid of this negative energy like for instance, you can channel out that negative energy in to something useful like working out or into something more composed like painting and sculpting.Another way you can relief yourself from stress is to practise meditation as this helps take your mind of things allowing you to feel more relaxed, you can also take time of your phones as well as social media and take a wall or something it is very useful.

    Taking breaks is very important as it helps rest both the mind as well as the body , I know I said making sacrifices okay but not getting enough rest can also cause stress.Making sure you get the right amount of rest enables us to perform and maximize our productivity.

     Therefore getting enough rest is very important and it has been advised that you should sleep for about 7 - 9 hours per day , if you can’t get all this in one set then it is important to try as much as possible to utilize naps during the day. 

    Taking a 2 hour nap during the day can help you boost your mental activities by quite alot.

    So getting enough rest is very important if you want to keep your levels of production very high and besides as you sleep you might get fresh ideas on how you can tackle various situations, which might have taken you days to solve.

    Start & Repeat

    People often try to wait for the right time to begin trying to reach another level in their life, when in actual sense there is no exact or perfect time to start changing.The best thing to do is to get started on whatever you are doing right away, this will not only allow you to build up momentum but it will help you critically strategies and analyse what it takes to complete the various tasks at hand.

    It is very essential to jump on your work as early as you possible can as this gives you time to slowly grind and pace yourself , even just the slightest of effort can go a very long way and it shouldn’t be underestimated at all.

    All these steps above must be done with consistency which in this case am using the word repeat, repeating each step daily will allow you to create a routine in which you will be more likely to become successful.

    All you need is a little bit of commitment and consistency and you’ll make it, just believe it and it will be yours.


    In conclusion these are some strategies that might help you to reach and achieve your goals however, they might be somethings that I have missed that can be added but as long as they help build you and not break you.

    Staying dedicated and consistent is a must if you want to make your dreams a reality, don’t mind the success of others yours will come eventually as long as you stay rooted you will come out strong.

    Lastly be self motivated and remain true to yourself , try be different and make your own path.

    I hope this was useful to you as it was to me please share and don’t forget to aim for the stars 
    Good luck.


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