7 Useful Tips on Teaching Children To Read




    Teaching your child to read is a very important skill that they need to know as it will help them go through

    life easier as the learn to communicate better, most parents today worry about how they should teach

    their kids which is a good thing because its a positive sign that they are more active in trying to safe guard

    the future of their children.


    It is important for parents to also minimize the amount of mistakes as this will  reduce the possibility of

    your child being negatively affected which can cause them to become illiterate,but don’t worry here are

    some tips that can help you as start your journey and remember making mistakes is human so don’t be

    too much of a perfectionist just stay calm and relax.


    7 Important Tips On Teaching Children To Read


     Below are some steps that you need to keep in mind as they can help you teach your child to read, it is

    also important to use the right reading and teaching material to get you in a better position to get more

    consistent results.


    1. Family Involvement Is Important For Children Reading

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    As a parent it is very important to acknowledge that you are your childs first teacher, therefore you are

    charged with the responsibility of teaching your children how to read as well as how to write.


    Other family members including the childs siblings and close relatives like Grandparents are also take up

    important roles in this case because a child learns to how to interpret words, they must first learn how to

    speak which is usually done through the things they hear during daily interactions and activities like for

    instance through stories, sounds they hear on television and the voices they hear as people talk to

    mention but a few.


    It is therefore imperative to make sure you use these methods to your advantage by making sure they

    hear the appropriate kind of things.



    2. Make The Reading Experience Fun For The Kids


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     As a parent/Guardian it is extremely important that the learning process is enjoyable, it is also important

    to have patience as well because you’ll need it more often as this is a long process.


    So try to be creative  and come up with some cool , fun, interactive games and activities that will not only

    help your child stay engaged mentally and physically, but will also help them to remember whats

    happening helping them to learn even more.


    Another thing that is important to note is that parents must try by all means not to force or put pressure

    on their kids when teaching them reading, as this can cause a very negative memory in their life which

    can affect them for years making it something we want to prevent. A good way to prevent this is to try

    and find out what your childrens preferences/interests are and try to create content that appeals to their

    interests.Also play along in there fantasies and try to be active in grabbing there attention


    3. Get Them To Start Reading Early


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     Most parents feel like making their child go through the process of teaching at a very young age is over

    doing it, when in actual sense most parents under estimate the abilities and capabilities of young children

    when it comes to this subject.


    There are several benefits when teaching these skills at an early stage such as a significant increased

    ability in both comprehension and reading.So as a parent its not pushing to hard when your simply trying

    to enhance skills that they will benefit from in the long run,so it is very important to provide an

    environment that will be conducive enough that will help in the development of language and literacy.




    4. Sounds & Letters Are Important When Learning To Read

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    Teaching your child sounds as well as alphabetic letters at the same time is very important when it comes

    to learning,as numerous studies have shown that this is one of the best methods that helps young ones

    learn better.Like for instance in one study a randomly picked set of preschool goers were given sets of

    instructions to follow some in a combination of letters and sounds,letter sounds only or numbers, the

    results of this particular study were consistent with results taken from previous research.


    The study concluded that those that received the combination of letters and sounds were more

    likely to learn the sounds of the letters whose names included cues to their sounds.So it is a good practice

    to have your child slowly trace over the letter as they are saying the sound it makes, for instance if you’re

    teaching them the letter “A” then you’d say something that goes like this; “This is the letter A,A makes

    the/A/(ah) sound”.

    Whilst having them trace over the letter as they repeat it.


    5. Using Consonanats Is Essential When Learning

    Helping them learn by using words such as “at” and “and” can help direct your child to easily know words

    that sound similar ( also know as rhyming words ) with these words, for instance some words that rhyme

    with “at” are included in the list below.









    Here is a list of words that rhyme with “and”









    And they’re many more other words too …

    So from the above list we can see how teaching them how to blend short consonants can lead to them

    learning a variety of words, the good thing is that you don’t need to wait for them to master each and

    every sound of a specific letter in order to start adding in other consonants and short vowels.

    Heres a nice and short video from Homeschool pop , that may help young ones understand rhyming




    6. Using Phonics Are Just As Important



    Helping young ones develop phonemic awareness is a very important aspect when it comes to helping

    the in mastering particular words, as this is one of the building blocks in achieving more success when it

    comes to reading.One of the essential parts of them becoming consistent with reading is helping them

    develop the skill of connecting the sounds each letter represents and combining these sounds to then

    form a word, this not only helps children to become more independent as they continue reading but also

    gives them the ability to develop self confidence.


      As mentioned earlier blending various letter sounds is a very effective way in teaching phonics and

    phonemic awareness which can be done as you read them stories and sing nursery rhymes to mention

    but a few, which can all bedone in a short space of time too.


    A simple example of blending can be trying to say the word “Run”, you can simply breakdown the word

    and make the sounds more dominate as you pronounce them so in this case it would be “R-un”


    7. Children Must Know The Correct Reading Order


     To most of us adults this might seem like something basic, but emphasizing them to read in the correct

    reading order at a young age is very important as this will help them remember that they should always

    start from either the left and go right and whether they should start from the top and not the bottom.


    This  is a very important point because children are not born without having any knowledge about how

    the can interpret words in the correct manner, most of the time this is why you see some children read

    from the wrong side as this point was not emphasized at an earlier stage in time as they were learning.

    So it is very important for us to make sure that this point is highly but across when they just start this

    process of learning how to read and write.


     In conclusion it is a very important subject that each and every parent should really look into as they try

    to enhance their childrens skills when it comes to learning how to read and write as this skill helps to

    secure a more stable future in the long run, this journey will take time therefore a lot of patience is

    required.This should be taken as a fun bonding activity meaning you don’t need to be too serious about it,

    lightening up will make your young one enjoy your presence making them stay more attracted,active and

    excited about learning each day.


    As you continue to progress you will see that there are somethings that you’ll notice that will make this

    process become easier, making sure younger siblings and close family is very important cause the can

    also help you split the load giving you time to take a breather.


    Remember short, fun and exciting don’t worry about perfection mistakes happen its part of parenting so

    don’t be to hard on you and your child. Hope this helps you in your journey Godspeed.


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